All five day fully guided hunts include the following:

  • A house with modern accommodations
  • Three meals per day 
  • Transportation to and from the hunting area
  • Your game will be packed out and taken to a processing plant
  • Two guides per season​
Our prices range from $3,000 to $4,000 per hunt. For further questions and information, please contact us.
Hunters must furnish their own license, gun and personal belongings. You are also responsible for game processing fees and transporting your game home. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or need more information.

Hunting Info

Our ranches are located on the edge of the Bears Ears elk herd's summer range, and have become a major corridor when the herd begins its migration to winter range.  Though they are not on the ranches year round, there are times in which several thousand can be seen.  However, the elk are much like the weather; they can be here today and gone tomorrow. We are fortunate enough to be located in "heaven" for mule deer.  The terrain which consists of hills with service, oak and sage brush provide excellent habitat for large numbers of resident deer. The large amount of hay and crop land also encourages the deer to make this their home.  Limited hunting has allowed us to see a major response in the quality of bucks we harvest. ​

Hunting Information

Archery: August 25 - September 23
Muzzleloader: September 8 - 16
         Antelope: Oct. 6 -12
         Separate limited elk - 1st season (elk only) - Oct. 13–17
2nd season ​combined (deer/elk) - - Oct. 20–28
​3rd season - Nov. 3-11
4th season ​limited combined (deer/elk) - Nov. 14–18
For more information on season dates and hunting regulations, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

2018 Hunting Season

What's Included